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Frequently Asked Questions

As an employer how do I get Information?

We try to make this as easy as possible. Call 616.243.0876 to get set up. You can also call any Hope Network main number and ask to be connected to Wheels to Work. You can start a conversation via email at

How many riders do I need to start?

This depends upon if you are starting up in a new territory or an existing one. If you are in Kent or Muskegon Counties, you can start the program as soon as the paperwork, and rider registrations have been submitted to Hope Network Transportation and a viable route has been developed.

What areas do you cover?

We currently cover areas of Kent, Muskegon, and Ottawa Counties in Michigan. Our largest concentration is in Grand Rapids and the surrounding six cities. We are launching in the Newaygo, Montcalm, Ionia, and Barry Counties spring and summer 2020. We are open to conversations of developing routes anywhere in Michigan.

What shifts do you cover?

We cover all shifts. Some companies have a multitude of shifts. We want to be able to cover all reasonable shifts. As an example one company had 42 shifts. We are not able to accommodate a company with 42 shifts. One company did change from 13 shifts to 3 in order to bring on Wheels to Work.

How have companies informed their employees of this program?

Companies have posted this info on their intranet, put posters in the breakrooms, on their websites, and in newsletters. Some companies have sent letters to their employees and placement agencies.

Other than having this info on our company web site, where else is it?

The company information is posted on the Wheels to Work website under "Employer List". Anyone searching will discover your company's information and a link to your company and designated contact person.

Is there a contract or something we have to sign and get our lawyers involved in?

There isn't a contract. There is a service agreement between your company and Hope Network Transportation. This agreement states that your company is accepting the charges for the program and that you will payroll deduct the rider's portion.

How do we let you know who is going to participate?

Each rider fills out a Rider Application form. There are a number of personal questions on this form. Riders will not be refused if they choose not to answer them all. However, must have the pick-up address, correct shift start and end times and the starting date of the service are critical. The form(s) is emailed to or faxed to 616-243-1258.

What is on the service agreement?

The service agreement has the total cost per ride which is broken down to the employer's portion and the employee's portion. It informs you that all charges are billed at the end of the month and asks for your billing information.

Are all rider forms filled out by hand?

We have a "live" application form that may be filled out electronically. This may be completed by the rider or the person assigned by the company to complete the form.

What do you mean, "We designed the program to be one-stop shopping."?

One-stop shopping means that the company and the rider only has one place to contact for information or changes once they have filled out the initial paperwork. To ask about billing questions, to cancel or add rides or riders, or to just ask questions you call the Hope Network Customer Care Line at 616-243-0876 or email at

Will riders always be picked up by a Hope Network Red Bus?

The quick answer is "No." Riders may be picked up in one of our new logoed Wheels to Work buses or a black or white van or a Rapid van or a Calder City Taxi. The vehicle depends upon the route the rider is assigned to and the number of riders on that route.

What do we do if someone is on vacation or out sick?

You have a couple of choices. You can call or email our Customer Care Center or you may require your employee to do it. Just remember that we will not bill you for those canceled rides providing they have been done in a timely manner.

Do you have a Wheels to Work App?

At this time an app is not available. An application is in development.

Who are your community partners?

At this time our community partners are; Governor's Office of Urban Initiatives, Disability Advocates of Kent County, Kent County Essential Needs Task Force, Hope Network, The Rapid, United Way, City of Walker, West Michigan Works!, Muskegon CHIR, and the Fremont Community Foundation.

As a rider how do I pay for this service?

You will have your part of the costs payroll deducted by your employer. Some companies pay for more than their part or for all of the costs. This additional benefit is up to your company.

Are we charged for no-shows or cancels?

No-shows are costly for the program and for the employer. There will be a charge for no-shows and late cancels and same-day cancels.

Are participating companies listed on the Wheels to Work website?

Not only are the participating companies listed but their web sites and employment contact person is listed. This way anyone looking for a job that doesn't have transportation knows that they can apply to any of the listed businesses and be able to get to work through Wheels to Work. This is a win-win for everyone.